Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology | Video on

20 12 2009

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Talk about innovation! This TED talk takes us into a world that most haven’t even imagined. At first it sounds like a surreal science fiction fantasy until you listen and watch what Pranav Mistry has to say and show to us. Being able to interact between the digital world and reality like this is a game changer! Enjoy…


In The Tube of a Wave Again… Unemployment Then and Again in Silicon Valley

2 08 2009

SVHaving become unemployed back during the dotcom bust in 2001 and again now, I wanted to share the chart from the Silicon Alley Insider and this article from Wall Street Journal giving some perspective on what’s going on right now in Silicon Valley. It’s really interesting how some are getting out of tech for other fields, but are we just trading the tube of one degenerating wave for another? I would truly like your perspective in the comments below. Here is the article at WSJ.

IRS Gets Tougher on Offshore Tax Evaders…More Tipping Points!

20 07 2009

In the past when I have read warnings from what appeared to be conspiracy theorists about the ever encroaching reach of the U.S. Government, I thought ok, adjust your tin foil hat it will all be ok. But today in the WSJ is an article that is not only an interesting read, but downright scary. Now our forefathers left Europe for similar reasons and wrote a constitution that doesn’t account for an IRS. So if you are so inclined, make sure you voluntarily and quickly fill out your Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) so that they can still penalize you for being honest. Sounds more like FUBAR than FBAR! Here is the article: “IRS Gets Tougher on Offshore Tax Evaders” For anyone interested here is some access to our constitution: The Constitution of The United States of America