RIP Mr. Kennedy

27 08 2009

No matter what our politics are, we understand the loss of a family or friends when someone passes on. It’s no different for any of us to feel that silent respect for a loss. But it’s a little sad that whatever scandal, justified or not, is the point in a life that everybody remembers. As I sat down at my computer, of course the main news everywhere is about the passing of Ted Kennedy. So being of the age that I can still remember his biggest scandal, I typed ‘Chapaquitic’ into Google, not knowing the exact spelling. From that search I found out a somewhat morbid fact, in this article from The New York Daily News entitled “Whether it’s Chappaquiddick or Chapaquitic, Internet users search for info on famed Kennedy scandal“.
That fact is that I am no different than anyone else. The man had a long, impressive, and honorable life, not always in line with my beliefs, but a good life. That scandal at Chappaquiddick was to follow him his entire life. Whether it was justified or not, I can’t tell you, but it is profoundly sad that a person can do that much good in life, only to be remembered for one possible indiscretion. Below, I have included a CNET video of Mr. Kennedy’s statement from back when it happened. Make up your own mind on what happened, but let’s all let the man Rest In Peace. Here is a really nice obituary from the NY Times that goes deeper than I think anyone else on his life.

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Fun Friday!

21 08 2009

Taking a look at what I could share for Fun Friday… WSJ dreary headlines – “Terrorist Who Killed 270 Gets a Hero’s Welcome” Nah…”Attacks Shake Up Afghan Balloting” No Way are we going to be a buzz killer on Friday. So here is a little clip of where we would all like to be on Fun Friday! Enjoy, but make sure you check out the Zoodak post below! That is fun every day…

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Innovation in the “sophisticated and organized underground economy”

18 08 2009

Innovation sometimes comes from the criminal  underground.  Albert Gonzalez, called by prosecutors “the nation’s cybercrime kingpin” was indicted on Monday for his form of innovation.  He used it to rip off TJ Maxx and others last year and was caught trying to do the same on Dave & Busters!  Having been a federal investigator at one point in this adventure, I have often noticed that some of the most innovative people I have ever met were from the criminal element.  Here is the article from the Wall Street Journal. I hope you enjoy this share on innovation.
Albert G

TAVIS SMILEY with Guest: Biz Stone from PBS

12 08 2009

A nice little follow up to my earlier post about the twitter outage. Tavis Smiley interviewing Biz Stone. Interesting comments by Biz Stone. Also take a look here at what Barrett Lyon had to say about all of this originally…

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Also take a look at what Barrett had to say yesterday

Geithner Wants to Regulate Silicon Valley VCs!

7 08 2009

Treasury Secratary Timothy Geitner (Associated Press)Associated Press Pic

While I never cease to be amazed at what Washington will propose, this one has to take the cake! Take a look at my earlier post about the unemployment rate in Silicon Valley. Just think of what VC’s do for the valley, then consider this from WSJ: “…Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner wants VCs to be regulated as investment advisers by the Securities and Exchange Commission.” Hmmmmm SEC….same guys who along with Congress and the President still haven’t figured out how to reform the likes of Fannie and crew, who were deeply involved in causing the meltdown. Can you imagine VCs having to provide tons of data to the SEC, pay SOX compliance costs and be generally distracted so much that they don’t get the chance to help us pull out of this mess?

Very nice article over at the Wall Street Journal. Take a minute and read it all the way through and see if it doesn’t make your blood boil. Drop your comments below with your thoughts or take this handy little poll:

U2, The Plane, Not The Group…

6 08 2009

Fun Friday doesn’t always have to be just funny, just fun! This journey by James Mays was very interesting to me as the last job I had in the Air Force was working in a place that had the sole mission of protecting the U2 from hostile forces that didn’t want spied upon.This video gives us some perspective on just how insignificant all of this human activity really is.

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In The Tube of a Wave Again… Unemployment Then and Again in Silicon Valley

2 08 2009

SVHaving become unemployed back during the dotcom bust in 2001 and again now, I wanted to share the chart from the Silicon Alley Insider and this article from Wall Street Journal giving some perspective on what’s going on right now in Silicon Valley. It’s really interesting how some are getting out of tech for other fields, but are we just trading the tube of one degenerating wave for another? I would truly like your perspective in the comments below. Here is the article at WSJ.