Geithner Wants to Regulate Silicon Valley VCs!

7 08 2009

Treasury Secratary Timothy Geitner (Associated Press)Associated Press Pic

While I never cease to be amazed at what Washington will propose, this one has to take the cake! Take a look at my earlier post about the unemployment rate in Silicon Valley. Just think of what VC’s do for the valley, then consider this from WSJ: “…Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner wants VCs to be regulated as investment advisers by the Securities and Exchange Commission.” Hmmmmm SEC….same guys who along with Congress and the President still haven’t figured out how to reform the likes of Fannie and crew, who were deeply involved in causing the meltdown. Can you imagine VCs having to provide tons of data to the SEC, pay SOX compliance costs and be generally distracted so much that they don’t get the chance to help us pull out of this mess?

Very nice article over at the Wall Street Journal. Take a minute and read it all the way through and see if it doesn’t make your blood boil. Drop your comments below with your thoughts or take this handy little poll:


IRS Gets Tougher on Offshore Tax Evaders…More Tipping Points!

20 07 2009

In the past when I have read warnings from what appeared to be conspiracy theorists about the ever encroaching reach of the U.S. Government, I thought ok, adjust your tin foil hat it will all be ok. But today in the WSJ is an article that is not only an interesting read, but downright scary. Now our forefathers left Europe for similar reasons and wrote a constitution that doesn’t account for an IRS. So if you are so inclined, make sure you voluntarily and quickly fill out your Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) so that they can still penalize you for being honest. Sounds more like FUBAR than FBAR! Here is the article: “IRS Gets Tougher on Offshore Tax Evaders” For anyone interested here is some access to our constitution: The Constitution of The United States of America

Divided We Stand (a true tipping point)

14 06 2009

Take a look at this and tell me this isn’t a tipping point!  Again with the WSJ.  I started getting WSJ free through airline miles long ago and although I’m not big into financials, they have always been a way to keep up with what’s happening around the world.  This one is right in our own yard and I want to know your thoughts.  Do we continue on with business as usual in the face of what’s happening or do we go for real change?

Drop your comments here and get the conversation going…

Tipping Points

12 06 2009

I know in my last post, I talked about mental expatriation vs. physical expatriation.  Today when I opened up the Wall Street Journal, I was really shocked by the next thing “they” are cooking up for us.  Take a look at this story and then come back here and let’s discuss it.

“fringe benefit.”   Are they serious?  Oh yeah, they are the government, so we sheep should just stop bleeting and sit lay down.  Don’t think that is the best course though.  Isn’t this the kind of thing that kind of got the US started?  Having traveled all around the globe, I can’t wait to hear the reaction of friends in those far reaches.  So what is your reaction?