Knockin’ On Heavens Door – More Friday Fun

28 08 2009

Shabbat Shalom!

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RIP Mr. Kennedy

27 08 2009

No matter what our politics are, we understand the loss of a family or friends when someone passes on. It’s no different for any of us to feel that silent respect for a loss. But it’s a little sad that whatever scandal, justified or not, is the point in a life that everybody remembers. As I sat down at my computer, of course the main news everywhere is about the passing of Ted Kennedy. So being of the age that I can still remember his biggest scandal, I typed ‘Chapaquitic’ into Google, not knowing the exact spelling. From that search I found out a somewhat morbid fact, in this article from The New York Daily News entitled “Whether it’s Chappaquiddick or Chapaquitic, Internet users search for info on famed Kennedy scandal“.
That fact is that I am no different than anyone else. The man had a long, impressive, and honorable life, not always in line with my beliefs, but a good life. That scandal at Chappaquiddick was to follow him his entire life. Whether it was justified or not, I can’t tell you, but it is profoundly sad that a person can do that much good in life, only to be remembered for one possible indiscretion. Below, I have included a CNET video of Mr. Kennedy’s statement from back when it happened. Make up your own mind on what happened, but let’s all let the man Rest In Peace. Here is a really nice obituary from the NY Times that goes deeper than I think anyone else on his life.

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Innovation In Motivation or How We In Business Can Change To Survive The Downturn

25 08 2009

Another timely TED Talk which brings us just in time good information on how to do better. A kind of failing forward momentum on our archaic ideas of motivation in business. Dan Pink shares that “there’s a mismatch between what science knows and what business does.” Like most everything, ideas become outdated. Dan does a great job of discussing how we can make a change from 20th Century ideas on motivation with the carrot and stick method (extrinsic) to Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose (intrinsic) motivation. In this he shares how a company called Atlassian and another you know better, Google use innovation in how they motivate . Below is a clip on Atlassian’s Core Values, which Dan touches on in the video. In the play as a team portion of the Atlassian video: “Tom Cruise works for Atlassian?”

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Innovation Mark Gonzales and “West Coast” Style

21 08 2009

If you don’t know who Mark Gonzales is, go take a look on wikipedia at some of the innovation that this guy has had for the sport of skateboarding. In this video, his innovation is set to the song “West Coast” by Coconut Records. This is a kind of double innovation thing, innovative music set to a very innovative skateboarder’s moves. Enjoy!

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Innovation Through Perseverence

21 08 2009

Having read a book as a kid about a group that actually went to the North Pole with dog sleds, I was intrigued by this story. Always inspiring, Ted Talks give us insight into all kinds of innovation. In this talk by Ben Saunders on skiing to the North Pole, a journey 10 times more dangerous than Mt. Everest, he shares not only his solo journey and his preparation for that journey. He also has some great advice on motivation by use of mental video clips. On arrival at the North Pole, he called three people from his satellite phone: his mom, his girlfriend, and his sponsor. He got voice mails on all three!This is the ultimate lesson in failing forward. I hope you enjoy.

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Fun Friday!

21 08 2009

Taking a look at what I could share for Fun Friday… WSJ dreary headlines – “Terrorist Who Killed 270 Gets a Hero’s Welcome” Nah…”Attacks Shake Up Afghan Balloting” No Way are we going to be a buzz killer on Friday. So here is a little clip of where we would all like to be on Fun Friday! Enjoy, but make sure you check out the Zoodak post below! That is fun every day…

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What’s In A Name? This is innovation just for fun…

19 08 2009

Here is someone’s innovation that is just plain fun! My name happens to be the same as a really rowdy rugby star from New Zealand and the most famous, sometimes infamous, old-school American tattooing artist. So mine was really interesting, try yours and see what you find out about your name. Here is the link.