Zoodak July Tournament Winner with 84%

28 08 2009

Zoodak has really been taking off for the past couple of months with very impressive numbers. In the July Tournament, the winner was Charles Massey. Here I interview him. Please forgive me for the technical difficulties! Somewhere in there are lags and my guess is it was in my wonderful AT&T Uverse. For the bandwidth to get in and out, I believe there is some throttling going on, so please stick with me. How appropriate I got the Terms of Service today from AT&T that basically says I’m screwed and can go away if I don’t like it.

To see the video, please go here, as I am having problems with getting it to look right in WP and just decided to stop fighting with it. I hope you enjoy and please go on over to Zoodak.com and check them out. Adrian over at Zoodak is preparing everything for the September Tournament. It’s an addictive chance to have a ton of fun, compete with your friends on a fantasy trading platform and win cash!


Zoodak Innovation Continues – (click on the + to hear the intro.)

20 08 2009

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In the continuing innovation saga of Zoodak, I am more and more impressed by this team! I have watched them since their launch back in June of this year and have been closely following their results. But beyond all of that metrics stuff, Zoodak is just plain fun! If you didn’t see my earlier interview with Jinsoo Park, you might go take a look to get some perspective. In a nutshell, any regular guy or gal can trade like a Wall Street Tycoon. They give you a virtual $100,000 to play with, live stock feeds and a chance to win cash prizes! If you have any interest whatsoever in stock trading, who isn’t somehow at least morbidly interested given where the market has been recently. Kind of like all of the rubber necking you see on the freeway when a couple of cars are mangled.

I did pretty well in June, won a little cash and had an addicting bash! July wasn’t so pretty and if this was real money it would have left a mark! You can see below how I did in July and below that how I’m doing so far in the August Tournament. As you can see, in August, I just pulled out of a nose diving tail spin and hope to recover, learn and have more fun. But that’s not the total story. There is constant innovation going on with this team. There is a social aspect to this platform, where I connect up with friends, and compete with them on both trading as well as analysis of how we all think our favorite stocks will perform or how badly we predict they will do. I even tweet my analysis from right inside Zoodak! Also coming this next month is a feature called ZooStreet, more to follow on that innovation! Keep an eye out on this blog and on Zoodak for interviews of some of the July winners.

Zoodak latest!

27 07 2009

If you look under the category “Bleeding Edge Peninsula Tech”, you can see an interview I did with Jinsoo Park of Zoodak just when they were launching. I just finished my first tournament and went from the initial $100,000 virtual money to $110,688.37 or a 10.69% increase! In a month! In the first page clip, you see how I did in that tournament. In the second you can see how I’m doing so far in my second tournament. This site is addicting! I will get a little cash out of the first tournament, but think if I do better on the next one!

Zoodak – Your Next Exchange

1 07 2009

Zoodak is the first in a series of new innovation coming out of Korea that we are trying to highlight. A couple of technical difficulties, but I promise to get better…

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