Having lived at the far reaches of the earth, my friends big goal is to put up a world map and have me place pins in the places I have lived and worked.  Living in all of those places and interacting with all of those different peoples and cultures opend my eyes to the fact that I couldn’t, in the words of Timothy Ferriss “accept terminal boredom as a tolerable status quo”.  In these pages I hope to share how to expatriate yourself from that status quo.

To do that, let’s explore innovation together. Here is what wikipedia has to say about it…

I believe that innovation comes in many different forms that we don’t always even recognize as innovation. In these pages, via Bleeding Edge Peninsula Tech we will explore innovation flowing between the Korean Peninsula and the SF Peninsula. We will also explore innovation for innovations sake. Sometimes that’s really serious, sometimes it’s really funny or just interesting. Don’t miss Fun Fridays where some innovation, no matter how offbeat is showcased just for fun!


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