Union Square, Sunshine, Happy People and Marine Layer

17 07 2009

It’s this last Thursday, enjoying the sun at the far East side of Union Square with family and friends. If you haven’t sat out there in the sun, you got to try it! Everybody is just sitting there soaking up the sun and all happy in their own way. A guy with headsets and totally into his music is dancing and singing totally oblivious to anybody else. Couples, individuals, families. A small finch is vying for crumbs from a little girl, who alternately feeds it, then chases it off. People are just soaking up the sun, people watching, but just letting the expanse of diversity of the bay ebb and flow. Then suddenly, a few turbo charged wisps start to whip between the buildings bringing in the marine layer with it’s soft vengeance. By the time we get down to Daly City, it’s winter time! But we still have the Union Square sun fresh in our memories and friendship completes the day…




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